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This ranch is located in central Oregon right on the banks of the John Day River. The ranch consists of approximately 2200 acres. There are numerous alfalfa fields and water sources for the abundance of game that frequent this ranch daily.

You will stay in the historic burnt ranch house during your hunt. There are 5 bedrooms, satellite T.V. Kitchen/shower and bathroom. If you have down time you can fish in the John Day river for the multiple small mouth bass, as well as see some of the scenic backgrounds this country has to offer. The historic Painted Hills are only a few miles away. This ranch is located approximately 4 hours SE of Portland Oregon.



These hunting properties are located in the Northside GMU west of John Day Oregon. There are numerous different sections totaling over 20,000 acres. We have archery elk hunts, rifle bull elk hunts, deer hunts and rifle cow elk hunts. The cow hunts start in early August and run through March of the following year. Tags are guaranteed for all hunts.

Brooks ranch – Over 14,000 acres total with a mix of open country, juniper, and big pine forests. The sections are bordered by both public and private lands. This land has some of the best elk hunting to be had in the Northside unit.

Mt. Vernon Ranch – This ranch is about 4000 acres in size and borders the Brooks Ranch on 2 sides, there is very nice log cabin just up fall creek and then another house as well we will be using for lodging. This is another excellent elk/deer hunting ranch.

Miscellaneous other private grounds where we have anywhere from 400-2,000 acre sections that we lease from various landowners.



This hunt takes place in the Heppner GMU in eastern Oregon. We operate under a special use permit allowing us to guide on public lands in the Heppner Ranger District of the Umatilla National Forest. The Heppner Unit is one of the most applied for hunting units in the state for rifle bull elk hunting, issuing about 700 tags a year to over 3,000 applicants. 

It is a tough tag to draw as a non-resident taking about 4 years of applying before drawing the tag. The hunt offered is only available to non-Oregon residents and the tag is guaranteed. For 2021 there will be a total of 4 hunters in camp. The terrain in the area is mountains with pine forests, along with some steep canyons. Expect to hike 8-10 miles a day.  This hunt is fully outfitted with 2 hunters per 1 guide. Lodging is in heated canvas wall tents with good hot meals prepared by our full time chef and camp host. Plan on arriving the day prior to the hunt season and leaving the day after. The license and tag fees are in addition to the hunt cost.



Some of the area’s rankest bulls have come from the Murderers Creek GMU. We have private land that borders very hard to reach public lands which lie at the base of the Aldrich Mountains. Some of the largest bulls we harvest dome from this hunt. We only offer between 2-4 hunts each year in the Murderers Creek unit. You must be in good physical condition as more often than not, the animals are brought out on pack boards.

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